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May 2019 Expense Report

Family of Five – Monthly Expense Report – May 2019

I present for your information and amusement, the May expense report! This is our variable spending for the month of May 2019. By variable spending, I am referring to those areas of our budget where we have some choice in what to spend. This does not include any of our fixed expenses like mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.

Generally, my goal is to spend less than $1000 a month on variable expenses.

Home Expense$50.00$126.46-$76.46
Extras / Fun Money$50.00$70.95-$20.95

Some factors in this month’s budget included:

  • Special occasions: Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday were this month, and this meant gift purchases were more than normal. Also, we hosted a Memorial Day party at our house, so there was some added food & household expense associated with that.
  • The price of gas remained high, but it did start to come down towards the end of the month. Still lots of kids’ sports/activities going on, which meant more driving than normal.
  • Miscellaneous cash trickled out for a variety of end of school year activities: field trips, color runs, dollar store prizes for soccer goals, etc.
  • Five weeks of groceries this month meant $100 extra of grocery spending.
  • Home expenses: new hardware for a dresser we bought at a garage sale, and an obscene amount of organizational supplies and containers for my pantry organization project.
  • A trip to the movies to see Avengers End Game.
  • I did some clearance shopping at Kohl’s and put some things away for this year’s Christmas gifts.

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