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March 2019 Expense Report

Family of Five – Monthly Expense Report – March 2019

I present for your information and amusement, the March expense report! This is our variable spending for the month of March 2019. By variable spending, I am referring to those areas of our budget where we have some choice in what to spend. This does not include any of our fixed expenses like mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.

Home Expense$50.00$116.23-$66.23
Extras / Fun Money$50.00$8.00$42.00


Some factors in this month’s budget included:

  • March had five weeks, so five weekly grocery purchases instead of the normal four.
  • We only went out to eat once as a family, and my husband paid for that out of his leftover weekly cash he’s accumulated.
  • I was able to use a gift card for my monthly dinner date with my girlfriends.
  • I ended up having to buy new bedroom curtains due to my new bedding set I bought last month.
  • The price of gasoline shot up.
  • Not a lot of kids’ sports/activities going on.
  • Me feeling a bit “spendier” that usual since I knew we had a tax refund coming…(According to my dictionary, spendier is not a real word, but I’m still using it).

Other expenses incurred in March but paid for by our tax refund:

  • New living room furniture: $1,069.33   
    (this included a new sectional, ottoman, and area rug)
  • Upgrades to gardening supplies & seeds for this year’s garden: $87.87
  • Vet bills for our cats: $458.00

Typically any large purchases like this are planned in advance, and we will only go through with the purchases if/when we have adequate surplus funds saved.

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