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June 2019 Expense Report

Family of Five – Monthly Expense Report – June 2019

I present for your information and amusement, the June expense report! This is our variable spending for the month of June 2019. By variable spending, I am referring to those areas of our budget where we have some choice in what to spend. This does not include any of our fixed expenses like mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.

Generally, my goal is to spend less than $1000 a month on variable expenses.

Home Expense$50.00$78.07-$28.07
Extras / Fun Money$50.00$72.45-$22.45

Some factors in this month’s budget included:

  • Special occasions: My husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary over pizza and beers at one of our favorite pizza places (an old train depot converted into a bar/restaurant). Afterwards we went out for ice cream. My husband paid for this out of his previously unspent weekly spending money, so it had zero budget impact. He also got me a lovely bouquet of flowers. 😊 My daughter attended a friend’s birthday party this month, and so of course we bought a gift for that.
  • The price of gas remained lower, and the only sport we had going on was baseball for my oldest son, which meant not so much driving.
  • Miscellaneous expenses were comprised of: summer activity workbooks for my kids (the school says they’re supposed to do summer reading & activity pages to prevent “summer slide”), a book about homeopathic remedies that I purchased on Amazon (I had set a Keepa price alert months ago for this), and some makeup that I impulse purchased at Target. I swear, I don’t decide what I want to buy at Target; TARGET decides what I want to buy at Target…I think it’s best if I just stay out of Target.
  • Groceries came in at $43.58 over budget. I do order some specialty items that I can’t find locally online, and it was time for me to restock one of those (erythritol). Personal care supplies including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste & hand soap also needed replenished (I just group these items as groceries, since I typically buy them while I’m grocery shopping). I’ve been making an effort to purchase items that are EWG verified which sadly, are more expensive than conventional items.
  • Home expenses: some random household stuff, the tail end of organizational supplies/containers for my pantry organization project, a new set of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid containers, since my kids keep melting my lids in the dishwasher (if they don’t secure them in the dishwasher, the smallest lids will fall onto the heating element in the bottom, and they melt) and inkjet refills for the most awesome wireless multi-function printer ever: the Brother MFC-J491DW. This printer is so smart, it orders its own refill cartridges off Amazon when it’s running low! Refills are priced $8.99 for color cartridges and $12.99 for black – and ship free! They last quite a while, and I am really happy with the print quality. It’s super easy to own and operate, and it only cost about $60 to purchase the printer.
  • The fun category was mostly lunches/dinners with my kids, and a tie-dye kit (it’s our tradition to tie-dye the t-shirts my kids get at their school’s color run every year).
  • Clothing and supplies were just a few clearance items (socks, tops, etc.) that I happened upon while out shopping, and school supplies. My kids all require headphones for school. So instead of my usual “cheapies” I bought some fold-able, flexing headphones which I hope will last longer. We also needed a scientific calculator and some heavy duty binders. (Office Depot has affordable, durable, easy to operate binders, and they were running a 20% off sale). I will wait to purchase other items like paper, notebooks, etc. when they go on sale closer to school starting. I also typically buy school supplies on clearance after school starts, and keep them for future use, so I already have a lot of supplies stockpiled.

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