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July 2019 Expense Report

Family of Five – Monthly Expense Report – July 2019

I present for your information and amusement, the July expense report! This is our variable spending for the month of July 2019. By variable spending, I am referring to those areas of our budget where we have some choice in what to spend. This does not include any of our fixed expenses like mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.

Generally, my goal is to spend less than $1000 a month on variable expenses.

Home Expense$50.00$61.17-$11.17
Extras / Fun Money$50.00$53.55-$3.55

Some factors in this month’s budget included:

  • Special occasions: My daughter turned 10 so we had a birthday party, we attended our town’s 4th of July carnival, and my daughter attended a friend’s birthday party.
  • The price of gas remained higher throughout the month. My kids’ sports and activities fell off dramatically, but we did take a few out of town trips for various other reasons. Also, since I typically get gas on Monday or Tuesday, that meant five weekly fill ups this month instead of the usual four.
  • A new development on the grocery front: we bought a quarter of freezer beef! To reflect this in the grocery budget, I am charging $50/mo for the freezer beef, since the total price paid was around $600. I also tried out a Kroger Shipped box this month.
  • Home expenses included a new dog bed, a high velocity fan to move the cool air up from our basement to the main floor, some essential oils (now that I’m making some of my own cleaners), and AA batteries. The dog bed and the fan both cost almost $50 each, which is way over budget, so I will be splitting the cost over this month and next month. That’s how I handle going over budget – reduce the next month’s spending to get back in balance.
  • Shoes/Clothes/Supplies: The dreaded back to school shopping has begun. I have never understood why schools just don’t provide everything for students and include that in their school fees. There has to be some purchase power to economies of scale. But oh no, instead I will scour the retail stores to find overly specific items on the supply list like “6 Elmer’s brand jumbo glue sticks” (when they only come in a 4 pack) or “4 pack Expo markers- all black, not fine point”. Also, parents will be asked to provide all cleaning and personal care products for the classroom. Like, why do they provide toilet paper, but not tissues? Parents have to buy the tissues- why? And Clorox wipes? Don’t they have cleaning products at school already? Geeze! Okay, end of rant.
  • Miscellaneous purchases included party invitations, stamps, and some homeopathic remedies.
  • Fun stuff included dinner with my girlfriends, lunch at McDonald’s for my kids, a trip to Starbucks for my daughter, and some computer game downloads.

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