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August 2019 Monthly Meal Plan

August 2019 Meal Plan
August 2019 Meal Plan – Blank

Meals at our house tend to focus on two things: plants and proteins. I try to make most of our meals from scratch, using whole foods and clean ingredients. I attempt to avoid processed foods where I can. Grains/starch usually are not included, because it can be hard to find ones that are not GMO or highly refined. Also, my meals need to be relatively easy because I am not a good cook and they have to serve 6 or more people. If you have similar needs, maybe some of these recipes might work for you, too.

If you have watched any of my meal planning or grocery haul videos on YouTube, you know that I only cook and/or meal plan for four meals per week. The rest of the time we do one of the following:

  • my husband grills or cooks something
  • leftovers!
  • we get pizza or takeout
  • eating out at a restaurant
  • family gathering
  • we go to a friend’s
  • et cetera

That being said, here are my August 2019 meals:

I only list out my main dishes. All dinners are served with a fruit and vegetable. Occasionally I will also include a starch with dinner, like potatoes or bread, but mostly I will not. If my kids REALLY don’t like a veggie, they are allowed to choose an alternate fruit or veggie from the fridge after they take one polite bite.

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