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April 2019 Expense Report

Family of Five – Monthly Expense Report – April 2019

I present for your information and amusement, the April expense report! This is our variable spending for the month of April 2019. By variable spending, I am referring to those areas of our budget where we have some choice in what to spend. This does not include any of our fixed expenses like mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc.

Home Expense$50.00$18.95$31.05
Extras / Fun Money$50.00$65.42-$15.42

Some factors in this month’s budget included:

  • Special occasions: we had both Easter and our son’s birthday party in April!
  • Illness: I got sick and was down for the count in the first week of April. I got totally off schedule and spent the rest of the month playing catch up.
  • Our daughter had her dance recital mid-month. I LOVE this event and look forward to it every year, but between dress rehearsals & performances it takes up THE WHOLE WEEKEND. So once again this got me off my routine and I was forced to play another round of catch up.
  • Impromptu girls dinner. Wasn’t really planned for but I wouldn’t miss it!
  • The price of gasoline remains high.
  • LOTS of kids’ sports/activities going on. Driving here, there and everywhere.
  • SPRING BREAK: resulted in some unplanned trips to McDonald’s, grandma’s house, Dairy Queen, etc.
  • Restocking on things like sunscreen and lotion. Baseball season involves a lot of sitting out in the mid-day sun…for hours. 🙂
  • New shoes for my youngest son. He was outgrowing the old pair.
  • New undershirts and sock for my husband. He gets a new set every spring. It’s just his tradition.

Other expenses incurred in April but paid for by our tax refund:

  • Six 5 gallon 6’+ tall Fruit Trees = $189.04 (two cherry: Stella & Lapins, apple: Fuij, plum: Alderman, pear: Kieffer, peach: Julyprince). We purchased our six trees at Rural King, a farm supply store chain near us. They always have large, healthy trees and the shade trees we’ve purchased there in the past have done phenomenally well. We already have the following fruit trees existing, NOT from Rural King: one Contender peach, one Pixiecrunch apple, one mystery plum. (I believe it was advertised as a Stanley, which are self pollinating, but it’s definitely not). We also have wild apple and pear trees throughout the woods on our property.
  • Misc garden supplies = $14.50 including a fresh bottle of fish fertilizer, 4lb of seed potatoes (we are planting a patch of potatoes using the Ruth Stout method this year), 2 nice big poblano pepper plants, and a packet of Japanese Hulless Popcorn seed.

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